Online Sic Bo Primer: Basic Strategy

It is common knowledge that Sic Bo is pretty similar to Craps. Both games are played with dice and both provide different betting options for you to wager on. The one main difference is that Sic Bo is played with three dice instead of the two used in Craps. The other is that Sic Bo mainly originated from the East while Craps originated from the West. This is why Sic Bo is most often found in the Asian games section of online casinos.

In Sic Bo, you can employ different strategies. However, these strategies only apply for betting options. This is because strategies that are based on predicting the results of the come out rolls are completely ineffective and useless. There are two main types of strategies: the high risk ones and the low risk ones. The low risk strategy ensures more safety in terms of earning more money, albeit not big amounts, than you had when you first entered with. There are three types of bets that fall under this kind of strategy: the small bets, the big bets and the combination bets.

In the small bets, you are wagering that the total come out roll value of the three dice ranges from 4 to 10. For example, if the total come out roll value is 6, then you win this wager. But if the total come out roll value is 3 or 11, then you lose the wager. In the big bets, you are wagering that the total come out roll value of the three dice ranges from 11 to 17. For example, if the total come out roll value is 15, then you win this wager. But if the total come out roll value is 10 or 18, then you lose the wager. These two bets have the same house edge and probability. Specifically, the house edge is 2.78% which is still a bit high in comparison with other online casino games. However, this is the lowest among all the house edges for the bets in Sic Bo.

In the combination bets, you are wagering on two specific numbers that are going to appear on the dice. It is similar to the single number bet where you bet on one number that is going to appear on the three dice, however combination bets have lower house edges. In addition, the payouts offered in these bets are better than single number bets. To illustrate further how this betting option works, imagine that you placed a combination bet on a 4 and a 6. If, in the come out roll, one dice has a value of 4 and another has a value of 6, then you win this bet. The probability of winning such a bet is 1 out of 7 times. However, you can better these odds by placing small or big bets to cover combination bets.

True to Form, VCAT Still Undecided on Fate of Bendigo Stadium Pokies

If you have been following this side of the country lately (or maybe if you’reĀ  just a frequent visitor to the site), then you may have had an inkling that the four-day hearing on whether to allow Bendigo Stadium to install thirty more pokie machines in its venue or not has already passed. And guess what? There’s still no decision made that should resolve this issue.

The Victorian Council and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) is the party responsible for overseeing the ruling on the aforementioned case. It was during early this month when the owners of Bendigo Stadium tried to secure a permit from the Greater Bendigo city council to install thirty or more pokie machines in the stadium’s hallways. Thinking that the city has enough pokies to last it a lifetime, they flat-out refused, and that found the former lodging an appeal to the VCAT. The city council, on the other hand, had also filed an appeal with VCAT disputing the state gaming regulator’s decision to approve the thirty pokie machines in the first place. So, instead of a usual two-day hearing, the VCAT had just lumped both of these into a four-day session and just went ahead with it like it’s the most normal thing to do.

Some members of the local media had already taken VCAT to task for initiating a quite leisurely pace on the hearings. Even one of the contesting parties can’t help but also comment on VCAT. “It is important that this issue is finished one way or another so we can all move on,” said Brendon Goddard, the chairman for the Bendigo Stadium. However, as far the Stadium goes, they’re quite positive that they have “put up a good case”, although he still displayed flashes of uncertainty when he continued they can “never know what the outcome is going to be.”

Goddard also tried to underplay the initial impression that one of them is out to get the blood of another. “I don’t take this personally at all. Nor does Eric Pascoe (chief exec of the stadium). Each party is putting their points forward and we are awaiting a decision.” Otherwise, he said that the stadium and the council are more likely to work with rather than burn bridges with each other. “I compare this scenario to a marriageā€¦ We are having a little argument but at the end of the day we still love each other.”

Yep, you’ve gotta give plus points to Goddard for making that comparison in the last line. Nevertheless, Pokies Australia will be keeping an eye out for this one, so just keep ‘em refreshing!